2016 Week 2 NFL Picks

NFL Week 2 Picks

Last Week I picked all sixteen NFL games and ended being half right; picking eight out of sixteen games correctly.  Denver didn’t fall off as much as I thought they would.  Jacksonville wasn’t ready to take a step forward.  The Chiefs spent the first half being exposed for everything I thought they were, and then spent the second half being everything I thought they should be.  And I thought the 49ers were a bad team, it’s just the LA Rams were worse than that.


Gambling? Is it worth the risk?


Only being half right will not get me to my goal of 170 correct picks by the end of the season.   Here are this week’s picks.

Thursday Night

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills:  New York Jets.  I don’t think either team is interesting.  Both are coming off losses, but at least the Jets seem to have it more together than the Bills

Sunday Noon

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh. To me, this is the most interesting game of the weekend.   It’s a Divisional match-up against two teams expected to make the playoffs.  Got to go with the Steelers until they give me a reason not to.  

Tennessee @ Detroit:  Detroit.  Detroit looked real good in Week 1, and Tennessee didn’t plus Detroit is at home.

Baltimore @ Cleveland: Baltimore.  Cleveland is trash

Dallas @ Washington:  Dallas.  No one should watch this.  But because it’s the Cowboys you know FOX will make it their feature game.  

New Orleans @ New York Giants:  NY Giants.

San Francisco @ Carolina: Carolina.  West Coast teams with early kicks in the east have terrible records.   Hopefully Carolina doesn’t develop a Super Bowl hangover.

Miami @ New England:  New England.  New England is New England, and the Dolphins are not.

Kansas City @ Houston:  Houston.  Kansas City and Houston played twice last year and KC won both.  Which means the law of averages says the Texans may get over.  I’m not sure which Chiefs team will show up, and until they develop some consistency I’m just going to assume the worst.  

Sunday Nap Time

Seattle @ Los Angeles:  Seattle.  I’m more interested in how many people show up for this one as opposed to what actually happens on the field.

Tampa Bay @ Arizona:  Arizona.  Can’t see Arizona going 0-2, but it’s the NFL and strange things happen.

Jacksonville @ San Diego:  San Diego.  Only reason, Jacksonville is going across country and hasn’t established themselves as a team that could overcome that.  

Atlanta @ Oakland: Oakland.

Indianapolis @ Denver:  Denver.

Sunday Night

Green Bay @ Minnesota:  Green Bay

Monday Night

Philadelphia @ Chicago: Philadelphia.  I’d like to see how Carson Wentz does against a better defense that has actual game tape on him.  I still think the Eagle win.  

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