2016 Week 3 NFL Picks

Good news.  I have a few posts in the works besides NFL Picks.  But for now that’s all I got.  I’m not even bothering to put a picture with this one.  It’s been that kind of a week.

Last Week I correctly picked 12 out of 16 games.  Making the season totals 20 correct picks out of 32 games.  Last week I felt a lot of the games had a clear direction in which the game would go.  This week is not like that.  There are a lot of trends that meet each other this week.  Lots of “Are they for real?” answers to be had.  I don’t anticipate doing well because looking at the schedule I can argue a case for just about every team having a chance to win.  So, here it goes.

Thursday Night

Houston @ New England:  New England.  You go with “The Patriot Way” at home even with a 3rd String QB until they give you a reason not to.

Sunday Noon

Arizona @ Buffalo:   Arizona  

Oakland @ Tennessee:  Tennessee

Cleveland @ Miami: Miami.  Miami is terrible, but so is Cleveland and they’re the road team

Baltimore @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville

Detroit @ Green Bay:  Green Bay

Denver @ Cincinnati:  Cincinnati

Minnesota @ Carolina: Carolina

Washington @ New York Giants:  New York Giants.

Sunday Nap Time

Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay:  Tampa Bay

San Francisco @ Seattle:  San Francisco

New York Jets @ Kansas City:  Kansas City.  If this game was in NY I’d pick the Jets.  

San Diego @ Indianapolis:  San Diego

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia: Philadelphia.  To me this is the sexiest game of the weekend.  Are the Eagles and Carson Wentz “for real”?  After winning against the Browns and Bears we’ll get an answer during this game when they play a real football team in the Steelers.  

Sunday Night

Chicago @ Dallas:  Dallas. It’s great that NBC gave the Cowboys a nationally televised game.  I feel like they don’t get that opportunity enough.  

Monday Night

Atlanta @ New Orleans:  New Orleans


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