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2nd Last Chance

I do not watch a lot of TV that is not live sports.  TV shows that get to trending on social media I usually ignore because I feel I don’t have enough spare time and mental energy to consume them. … Continue reading

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The Football Conundrum

My family and I just got back from vacation, which is why I’m giving myself an excuse for not updating this website weekly like I promised. Our family camps for our vacations which make them a little more complicated than … Continue reading

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I don’t have ESPN, and it’s awesome

My family and I recently moved, and when we moved we decided not to get cable or satellite hooked up at the new residence. At the time of the move, this decision was based on finances. The budget was going … Continue reading

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Weekday Sporting Events: Good or Bad?

If you’re a sports fan there certain events that you know will be taking place during the typical western civilization work week. The most famous of these, is the NCAA Tournament. Like a Druid counts on the spring equinox, college … Continue reading

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DVR Control

I’m sure a lot of sports fans are like me. They enjoy sports, but they have other stuff going on in their lives that command their attention. Some times my schedule and the schedule makers of sporting events don’t always … Continue reading

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